Attention: Advantages & Disadvantages of Wearing Branded Clothes

Disadvantages of wearing of branded clothes

Branded clothes are favorable to the people. Especially the rich people who do have the affordability to buy high-priced products prefer brand rather than non-brand products. Generally, branded clothes fabric, sewing, color, finishing etc quality are well maintained. Therefore people would prefer the brand. Despite many benefits, it does have a few major disadvantages. Let’s …

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How to Prevent Screen Print Cracking

Did you ever experience cracking at your screen printed t-shirt? Maybe or maybe not. But it’s a common scenario that people face with their screen printed items. Because each of the printing companies doesn’t provide the same quality printing. There are many companies like Tee Print London who always try to give better quality printing …

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How to Remove Print From Clothes

Your clothing or t-shirt is not always good-looking. Maybe you bought a t-shirt that looked awesome. But after a certain time, the logo seems to fade due to washing, sunlight or any other reason. Besides, if you want to replace your t-shirt logo with your favorite one or a new one then you need to …

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Quick Guide: How Long Does It Take To Make A T Shirt With Simple Steps

how long does it take to make a t shirt

The T-shirt-making process is quite easy. But how long does it take to make a t-shirt? Well, The time duration of making a t-shirt varies depending on the making procedure. Especially with bulk amounts of t-shirt making with automated machines. Those machines smooth the operation through cutting, sewing, and stitching. Generally, t-shirt seams are made …

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