Terms & Condition for Sale, Return Policy

Once you have a return request it should be authorized and newly conditioned including the packaging you get. We don’t accept used or washed garments. If there are any issues with the fabrics then you must add a sticker or tape to highlight the location before you return the item.

Tee Print London will fully refund your item if it isn’t worn. We are always concerned about our customer satisfaction ensuring better quality products.

In case it’s your mistake, therefore, you are returning then you do have to pay a 10% restocking fee without a delivery charge. The delivery charge is free including a 10% restocking fee if you are unable to receive the product. The Return time is 7 days.

Order Quantity & Delivery 

There is no minimum order quantity for any printing job mentioned by Tee Print London. You can order from 1 to any amount. Your order will be executed using the best printing method for per clothing material.

Your ordered item can be delivered the same day or the next day as per your requirement. An instant t-shirt printing service is also available.


Pricing of the clothing and printing service depends on various aspects associated with the clothing material, production, or any other cost. Therefore we can not control pricing but we always try to lower the price we can. In case cost increases due to any recent change, we shall inform you earlier for order confirmation for the updated pricing.

Design & Copyright

Your unisex or men t shirt design size should be 12X16”. Whereas the women’s t-shirt print area is 10X12” and 12X16” for the larger size. Always make sure your design is not copied from others. If it is then you should take permission from the original design producer. Otherwise violating copyright may result in legal issues. Always avoid any violating or unaccepted design by society.