How to Remove Print From Clothes

Your clothing or t-shirt is not always good-looking. Maybe you bought a t-shirt that looked awesome. But after a certain time, the logo seems to fade due to washing, sunlight or any other reason. Besides, if you want to replace your t-shirt logo with your favorite one or a new one then you need to remove the print from your t-shirt clothes. Following different techniques, you can remove your logo. So, let’s move on to choose the easiest method according to your choice for removing the logo. 

What are the Types of Printing Methods for Printing on Fabrics?

Before knowing about removing techniques we need to know about different printing methods. To print logos the following printing techniques are used. Printing type will help us to understand how to remove the logo easily according to printing type.

Screen Printing

The screen printing process is one of the most common printing techniques where ink is applied directly onto the fabrics using a mesh screen. In the case of large quantities, screen printing is a reasonable option. Besides, printing a few copies will cost a bit more than bulk quantities. 

Direct to Garment Printing(DTG)

In the Direct to Garment Printing technique, DTG machines are used for printing colourful images direct to the garment using DTG machines. This printing machine is usable in any type of garment whether it is light or dark-coloured. There isn’t any setup fee for using this printing method. It takes a short time to print high-quality prints. 

Dye Sublimation

The sublimation printing process uses a transfer paper to put a design which is heat pressed over the garment or fabric. Ultimately the design transferred onto the product. Besides, there isn’t any minimum order quantity for this printing method. Dye sublimation is used in polyester garments. 

Vinyl Heat Transfer

During Vinyl Heat Transfer printing it uses a special soft cloth cut in different designs and shapes and then transferred to the fabric through a heat press machine. It is most suitable for printing small logos on clothes in smaller quantities. Besides heat, sensitive fabrics are not suitable for this printing method. 

What are ways to remove paint from clothes?

There are various ways to remove printing from the fabrics. But we will discuss three ways to remove paint from clothes so that you can easily use the effective one for removing paint from clothes. Since the method of printing cloth is different the logo-removing techniques are separate for a particular type. Some types of printing will work the same technique of print or logo removing method.

Method 1: Pressing Iron for Removing Vinyl or Rubber Prints

The pressing Iron method works best if your printing is made using vinyl or rubber prints. Here is how to proceed with the printing.

Step 1:- 

Initially, place your clothing on a flat surface. Such as an ironing table, floor or any other sturdy flat surface. Then place a dry folded towel below the print that you decided to remove. The dry towel will protect the other side of the cloth from heat. 

Step 2:- 

Put a squeezed damp wet towel over the printing then use your iron over the wet towel for removing the print. If your fabric is jersey then you should read about the label tag to avoid overheating and melting the fabric. Polyester-made fabric will not survive under high heat. Besides, cotton can absorb high heat. 

Now move your iron with pressure over the wet towel so that the heat reaches the print. But don’t let your wet towel dry to avoid burning your clothing. Also, avoid using iron for a long time at time over your fabric.  

If your fabric is jersey then you should read about the label tag to avoid overheating and melting the fabric. Polyester-made fabric will not survive under high heat. Besides, cotton can absorb high heat. 

Step 3:- 

Finally, use a knife to loosen and remove the print. By using a knife you can peel off the edges, and remove the print using your hand. Simply repeat the process until the logo is not removed completely. Be careful about cutting your fabric when peeling off the logo or print.

But if it doesn’t work well then use adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol and let it soak well for a few minutes. Then use a piece of cloth and gently rub it to remove the additional design. Then wash it as usual. 

Method 2: Solvent Liquid to Remove Rubber or Vinyl Print 

Fabric or t-shirt logos can be removed using a solvent like adhesive remover, alcohol, or nail polish. Same as method 1 solvent liquid is suitable for rubber and vinyl prints. This method works only when your fabric is alright after applying the solvents without any damage.

Step 1:-

First, you have to check if our fabric works fine with the solvent liquid. Therefore apply the solvent to a small portion of the fabric. If it doesn’t cause any damage then it’s good to go. Now you should inside out your fabric so that it can soak the solvent at the back of the print. Then pour enough solvent to soak it. 

Step 2:-

At this stage stretch the fabric to soak the solvent well. Then use a knife edge to scrape the print and remove the rest of the print using your finger. Now repeat the process until your design is completely removed.

Method 3:- Hair Dryer for Remove Vinyl Print

A hairdryer is another useful tool for softening the vinyl and the adhesive of the fabric. Using a hair dryer with high heat you can remove your vinyl print of the fabric. Here is how to do it.

Step 1:-

Turn on your hairdryer’s hottest mode and directly put the heat over your desired logo or print area you want to remove. Wait for one minute to make the print easily removable.

Step 2:-

After getting adequate heat your print will be ready to peel off. Now you can use your finger or knife edge to remove the print completely. Simply scrape the print to finish any of the extra parts of the design. That’s all the process of simply removing the print using the hair dryer.

To Sum Up

Among various print removal techniques, you should choose the suitable one according to your fabric and print type. Otherwise, your fabric could be damaged and it will look ugly to wear again. The right clothing type and print method will result in easy removal of the print. 

Always following the steps carefully to remove the print successfully without causing any damage. Hopefully, you can now easily remove your logo following the above technique.

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