How to Prevent Screen Print Cracking

Did you ever experience cracking at your screen printed t-shirt? Maybe or maybe not. But it’s a common scenario that people face with their screen printed items. Because each of the printing companies doesn’t provide the same quality printing. There are many companies like Tee Print London who always try to give better quality printing service. Some of the company doesn’t keep the print top notch. Sometimes a few of the prints become poor quality unwillingly or carelessly. In fact, wrong washing technique and misuse are also responsible for crack on screen print. 

Why Do My Screen Prints Crack?

Generally, screen prints don’t fade and crack that much if the print process is accurate. If your print cracks then it may happen due to the use of thick plastic base ink and improper heating and drying process. Even stretchy fabric or low-stitch fabric may result in a print cracks. Also if you dry improperly or wash your t-shirt or fabric using more detergent than required then it may cause cracks in the print. 

6 Tips to Prevent Screen Print Cracking Properly Cure Ink

1. Properly Cure Ink

During a screen printing process, the plastic based ink should be cured properly when the ink is plastic based ink. To cure the print properly use heating or drying in a proper way. Hopefully this way your print will never crack.

2. Inside Out

When it’s time to wash your t-shirt or clothing that is screen printed you should inside out it. This way it will prevent extra pressure on your print. Especially, if you use washing machines it can cause scratches on your print. So, inside out your t-shirt will save your print.

3. Don’t Use Hot Water

Using hot water can easily damage your clothing fabric. Therefore you should always use water below 90 degrees Fahrenheit for screen-printed fabric. Using cold water is the best option if you want a durable print and fabric.

4. Use the Right Amount of Detergent

The detergent should be mild while you are washing your clothing. Also using excessive detergent causes damage to your screen print and fabrics. Therefore, using these high amounts of detergent frequently can cause damage to your print and fabric. This way the colour will fade day by day.

5. Don’t Use Brush or Over Print

Sometimes people use a brush net to clean clothing. While you want to clean your clothing you shouldn’t rub a brush or net over the print to avoid cracking of the print. Rather you can wash it gently using your hands.

6. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sun is not good for the screen print and fabric. Because it stretches t-shirt material and makes it lose a bit. Therefore it may cause damage to your print and make cracking. Also direct light burns the colour of the fabric. But if you wish to put it in direct sunlight then you can put it in for a shorter time while it is inside out.
In conclusion, the prevention of screen print cracking depends on two ends. The first one is the t-shirt manufacturer, the second printing company, and the third one is the user. If the manufacturing process is alright and printed perfectly then by the following tips you can avoid cracking the screen print.

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