How To Shorten a T shirt Without Sewing Machine Step By Step?

Generally, there are two ways to shorten your t-shirt. The first way is to sew it using machine or hand sewing and the second way is to use hem tape that’s a fabric glue. Hand Sewing doesn’t cost your money. All you have to do is just take the necessary equipment and start sewing along with monitoring other tasks. 

Why Should You Shorten Your T-shirt?

Most people don’t feel comfortable wearing too long t-shirts but some of them may like longer one. If you are comfortable then it’s fine otherwise you should shorten it to make it comfortable to wear. Let’s say, you have a cotton t-shirt. But its sleeve is too long and at the same time shorter than a full sleeve. 

Will it look good or comfortable to wear? Maybe not in most cases. It may take more or less than 2 hours to shorten your t-shirt.

T-shirt Shortening Material

There is a list of items that will be required to complete the shortening process. You will need a messing tape to measure the portion you would like to cut out. Straight edge ruler to straight the wrinkle area. Then a tailor chalk or pencil to mark a line where to cut. A sharp scissors will need to exclude the measured portion. Hem tape a special fabric tape to join the edge of the t-shirt without sewing.

If you would like to shorten using hand sewing method then a needle and yarn will be required.

  • Measuring Tape
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Straight Edge Ruler
  • Tailor Chalk or Pencil
  • Hem tape or Perky Bond
  • Needle & Yarn(Optional)

Once your necessary materials are ready we will jump to the section on how to shorten a t shirt without sewing by machine.

How To Shorten a T shirt Without Sewing Machine Step By Step?

Among hand sewing and using hem tape both types of method the main difference is there will be sewing or hem tape. Most of the steps of shortening a t-shirt are similar. Only the last step is different. Let’s move to the shortening step.


First of all, inside out your t-shirt. Lay out your tshirt nice and if there is any wrinkle take that flexible ruler and smooth that out. Take the measurement and mark the area where to cut. Obviously take an extra ½ inch longer than your expected size.

Step 2:-

Fold up your extra ½ inch hem. Now it will be the required size you want. Then iron the hem to make it nice. Now use a few pins to lock the hem.

Step 3:-

Finally, sew the hem by hand sewing.The way is simple just remove each pin one by one and sew. Maybe it will take a bit longer than the method mentioned earlier. Which is using hem tape or perky bond type fabric glue. 

To use hem tape or other fabric glue you have to put the hem tape or perky bond type fabric glue inside the folded up hem. Then iron the hem to make the adjustment and the both parts of the cloth remain stuck together. It’s better to dry after that to ensure long lasting time.

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