How To Make Custom Employee Welcome Boxes

Welcome boxes are a great way to start your employees’ journey with your organisation, especially if you’re launching an exciting new onboarding program or looking for ways to reward loyalty and longevity. Customising welcome boxes is easier than it might sound, but it’s essential to ensure the contents show appreciation and recognition and provide all of the information a new employer needs. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything from why you should customise employee welcome boxes in the first place to how to design them effectively. So let’s get started!

What to Include in a Welcome Box

Imagine entering your new workplace with a warm cup of coffee in a personalised mug, wearing a comfortable custom t-shirt, and carrying a trendy tote bag filled with job-relevant items. This shows your enthusiasm for your new role and speaks volumes about your company’s introduction and policy. 

As a forward-thinking organisation, your company believes in making a lasting first impression, embracing new team members with practical and memorable tokens of appreciation. 

This creative and inclusive approach showcases the company’s dedication to employee engagement and fosters a strong sense of belonging among the workforce, inspiring everyone to embrace the brand and work together towards a common goal.

Personalise Your Welcome Box to Each Employee

As a company, there’s nothing better than a team of employees who are invested in their work and feel valued. You can show your employees how much you appreciate them by giving each personalised welcome box. No two employees are the same, so why should their welcome boxes be? 

By crafting a unique welcome box for each employee, you’re showing them that you care about their individual interests and that they’re a valued team member from day one. From snacks and office supplies to personalised notes and company swag, ensure your welcome boxes showcase your company culture and make your employees feel right at home.

Creative Packaging with Company Branding

Welcome boxes are a great way to give VIP treatment to employees, and increasing numbers of businesses are turning to custom-branded packaging solutions to create an even more extraordinary experience. When merged with quality materials, modern brand designs, and thoughtfully-placed company logos, these welcome packages make memories long after the employee cuts the tape. 

Taking time to curate content within each box will also reflect your dedication as a business – customers will appreciate being spoiled with personalised products, and making sure you get creative with your packaging is key. An eye-catching welcome box might be just what your business needs to jumpstart employee loyalty programmes or create convenient subscription boxes!

Select the Right Size Box for Your Employee

When it comes to making a lasting impression on your new employees, selecting the right size box for their welcome package is essential. As the first tangible introduction to your company’s culture, a well-crafted welcome package should embody your brand’s values and be practical, containing all the necessary items to help new hires embark on a successful journey with your organisation. 

To achieve this delightful experience, carefully consider the dimensions of the box, striking a balance between elegantly showcasing the contents and mindful use of space. A properly sized box conveys thoughtfulness, demonstrates attention to detail, and helps foster a sense of belonging from day one. So, as your company rolls out the red carpet for its newest members, select the perfect size box that, like a bespoke suit, fits their welcome package just right.

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