Quick Guide: How Long Does It Take To Make A T Shirt With Simple Steps

The T-shirt making process is quite easy. But how long does it take to make a t shirt? Well, The time duration of making a t-shirt varies as depending on the making procedure. Specially with bulk amounts of t-shirt making with automated machines. Those machines smooth the operation through cutting, sewing, and stitching. Generally t-shirt seams are made from one piece of cloth over another. The seam edges are lining up. The time duration of making a t-shirt varies as depending on the making procedure.

Select a Design

The very beginning part of a tshirt printing is to choose a design. There are several ways to find out a design for your next t-shirt. If you have any personal design then it’s that much easier. Otherwise you may find many design ideas online. Also you can buy ready design or outsource from a  graphic designer.

Cutting for T shirt making

T-shirt cloth is cut as per measurement. That includes neck to shoulder, sleeve length, shoulder, chest, waist, hem, length, and sleeve cuff. After taking the measurement the cut starts according to the dimension.

Combine Sew front and back

Front and back are separate therefore it will be combined together through sewing both edges. During this process fabric yarn cutting must be avoided otherwise it will cause reject t shirt production. 

Joint the Sleeve

Up next t-shirt sleeve sewing with combine front and back. Before that sleeve hem are finished. At this stage the automated system does the job by sending sleeves using a conveyor to swing the head. Then the edge will be folded including making a band.

Stitching hem

Almost each garment product is sewn with a flexible hem. While making t-shirt stitching it should be enough so that fabric can stretch that much.

Stitching the shoulder seams

In terms of high quality t-shirt shoulder seams are sewn with elastic or tape. But in general simple seams are added. The style of the t-shirt is the cause for attaching the neckband before or after the shoulders are done.

Attach neckband and finish

Generally, neck edges are shorter than the outer edge. Therefore neckband size should not be right stretched. Tabular bands are folded and added manually. Bound seams are used in different types of neckline.

In case of v-necks extra step lapping or mitering are necessary. As per older procedure both sides are attached by folding. While mitered seam are a bit complex and extra operators are necessary to put the band at the center front. 

Label Set

The labels are set at the back of the neck or left inner side at the bottom. Labels provide detailed information about the t-shirt manufacturer, size, cloth material, and instructions about washing.

Printing design

At this stage designs are printed over the tshirt using various methods. For instance Screen Printing, DTG Printing, Heat Transfer Techniques, Sublimation Printing, Plastisol Transfers, and Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Final Operation

In this operation line t-shirts are gone through checking flaws in the fabric, thread, and stitching. Top quality t-shirts go through steam tunnels before packing. The quality assurance team must check the product before supply.

So it is that much easier, right? 

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